Water Misting System

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Outdoor water misting equipment comes in handy for areas afflicted by excessive heat and humidity. The best water cooling systems can cool your surrounding by up to 30° Fahrenheit. The system forces pressurized water out through special nozzles converting the water into a mist. A circulating fan circulates and disperses the mist, bringing the temperature to a reasonable bearable level. We have a variety of outdoor mist systems that can fit any budget.

Misting systems for sale

These systems spray water into the surrounding air by forcing water through the uniquely designed nozzles. As the droplets evaporate and become water vapor, it absorbs the heat from the environment. Thus, vaporization eliminates the heat, cooling the surrounding air. 

Low-pressure misting line system

This is our least expensive system and is easy to install. You can clip the system using gator clips and move them as you wish. It creates mist using your existing water pressure of between 40 psi to 60 psi.

They can cool the surrounding heat up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, they are fit for use around swimming pools, hot tubs, fishing piers, and anywhere else where people will not mind getting wet.

Mid-pressure misting line system.

They are a bit expensive compared to our low-pressure systems and more economical than the high-pressure system. Their droplets are much smaller than that of a low-pressure system and evaporate more efficiently. This results in less residual moisture. They have finer nozzles and use misting pumps of 160 psi or 250 psi. We advise our clients to use it in areas not associated with water.

High-pressure misting line systems

This is the best misting system. They use specialized pumps of 750 psi, 100 psi, or 1500 psi. Its components, such as nozzles and tubing, are high-pressure rated. Their tiny droplets evaporate instantly. This flash evaporation cools the air, effectively eliminating residual moisture. We recommend that you use it in areas that need to be free from wetness.

Misting fan systems

We have three misting fan systems that go hand in hand with our misting line systems. Combining misting with moving air results in the best outdoor cooling. As the mist cools the air, fans boost the cooling effect by circulating the air. 

Low-pressure misting fans

They are less expensive and cover as much area as the low-pressure misting line.

Mid-pressure misting fan system

Our mid-pressure misting fans create more air movement than low-pressure fans and are suitable for residential or commercial purposes. In addition, they are an inexpensive way to cool a large area compared to high-pressure misting fans. The system operates at a pressure of 100-200 pounds.

High-pressure misting fan system

Our high-pressure fans produce a more significant cooling effect for vast open spaces such as amusement parks and restaurants. They operate at more than 800 pounds pressure. They are a little expensive as the components used need to be sturdier to withstand the pressure.

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Water Misting System

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