Pool Distribution

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Pool Distribution

You need to distribute your products to many different locations in a safe and cost-effective manner. That is why finding the right distribution solution is so important. Last Mile Logistics pool distribution helps our clients to get their products where they need to be when the moment is right. Our clients have the luxury of confidence that their products will be ready, and Last Mile Logistics is approved to keep your product from late deliveries and high-level chain supply costs.

When you contact Last Mile Logistics, be sure to tell your sales representative about all of your shipping needs and distribution requirements. Ask if your product is healthy enough for our pool distribution services. As you will see, our pool distribution services are a commodity with lots of benefits. But first, let’s consider who this doesn’t apply to.

When Not to Use This Service

You should not use Last Mile Logistics pool distribution if you’re not interested in lowering your overall supply chain costs, as this will lead to less handling, which will lower your claims. Also, do not use Last Mile pool distribution unless you are concerned about reduced transit times and fewer touch points. Side effects may include fewer miles traveled, lower c02 emissions, and faster delivery times.

To avoid customer long-term customer service headaches, seek immediate reporting and tracking from a Last Mile Logistics pool distribution project team member. If you have any questions regarding your project’s short-term or long-term capabilities, give us a call or send us a message. We’re always glad to help!

Choose the Smart Distributor

We provide fast and efficient processing of inventory with experienced drivers to deliver your freight within 24 hours after receipt, and sometimes, within the same day. How does it work? We receive line haul freight from retailers at our distribution center, then sort freight by store location. Our drivers then deliver anywhere your freight is going.

We use dynamic software to determine the best pool points, which helps us to save money, which helps our retailers to save money.

Benefits of Pool Distribution with Last Mile Logistics

The way we offer our retailers reduced costs if by combining several orders in a truckload quote. We offer lower overhead costs of a distributor leveraging fully-equipped cross-deck facilities.

Retailers are able to optimize their inventory with more visibility and awareness of replenishment lead times because they know exactly how long it takes for all of their products to travel through the network.

By pooling multiple shipments from several different shippers onto one freight truck, we can save our clients much more time and money.

Additionally, our clients experience significantly less transit time simply by moving LTL shipments into a pool distribution model. How much time are we taking? Roughly 50% on the average!

Plus, many of our clients are satisfied knowing that they have dramatically reduced their carbon footprint by pooling their shipments.

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